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Questions about Jesus ?

You may simply be curious, or you may be struggling hard over what you believe.

Whatever your situation, we offer a safe place to express doubts, ask questions, and

find answers.

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Our beliefs 

We believe that in the beginning all things were created good, and man lived in perfect relationship with God the Father Himself. But man departed from what he knew was right. The world was forever altered. Evil and suffering entered in, and physical and spiritual death were the result. But God loved the world deeply and yearned to restore what had been lost. God instituted a plan to repair the damage that sin had caused. 

 Across the ages of history, men and women encountered God's presence and were inspired by the Holy Spirit to record the message He gave them: Scriptures that would reveal the heart of God and His love for mankind

 And it would be God Himself who would pay the price necessary to restore the relationship between God and us. He sent His only Son Jesus, in every way divine and perfect yet fully human, to teach and demonstrate the true nature of God. That God is love, " For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life."  Jesus death on the cross destroyed the power of sin and death and opened the door to everlasting and abundant life in restored relationship with God. Jesus died, but in three days He resurrected. Today, those who accept Jesus in their lives become " born again" children of God.


 God loves YOU, and wants to heal the relationship that was lost. He can, and He will, if you will let Him.Very simple. The Bible says, " If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead you will be saved (Romans 10:9).

Pray this prayer :   

Heavenly Father, I now know I need your forgiveness. I ask you now to forgive me of all my sins. I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. And three days later came back to life by Your power. I accept His love and sacrifice for me and I believe I am now your child. Thank you for your forgiveness. Amen. 

If you have prayed this prayer and believe it, welcome to the Family of God !  

The Next Step: It's very important that you connect with a local church, we welcome you here at Victory Family Church, we would like to help you grow in your faith.  Please let us know about your decision to follow Christ. Email us your experience at